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Playa Cochaima Santa Fe, Edo. Sucre, Venezuela

Playa Cochaima's the name of the beach in Santa Fe.  Recently it's become a bit of an eco-tour destination since backpackers find it's many inns, restaurants and posadas to their liking.  Built near the water they offer great views of Mochima Park and are quite relaxing.

This is the ideal jumping off point for trips to the park's islands which are the main draw here.  The water is clear and snorkeling spots are easily found.  Pepp rents kayaks on the beach so for minimal charge you can have some exercise and adventure.

Quiet monrning on the beach
Believe it or not, this is a major restaurant for our town...

Chairs on the beach
Or maybe not.  Just take a seat, relax and watch the people stroll past.
Your options are aplenty - go kayaking, swimming, snorkeling.... and the tropical scenery is beautiful in "Valle de Santa Fé" which is just a short jeep ride up the road from this beach.

Playa Cochaima Sunset
Sunset on Playa Cochaima
Peñeros, wooden boats from an earlier time, provide access to the islands and solitary beaches.  The ocean is usually very calm -- just like in this picture.

Playa de isla Arapo
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