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Who: That'd be us - We're a dedicated group of old fashioned travelers.  The kind of guys that wrote Footprint handbooks and Lonely Planet guides in the first place - long before it was fashionable.  Now we're all settled in having fun by making this town a favorite among favorites on the backpacker's circuit.  Our objectives are many - but they all entail bringing smiles to to the faces of adventure travelers from around the world.  And to that end, we thank you for stopping by.

Still with us? Whew, onward then...

What: Venezuela - not just another Caribbean destination

When to go: Year round - can that even be true?

Where: Santa Fé - on the North East coast

Why: Because Santa Fé is a cool laid back town with 20+ backpacker hotels, or hostels if you prefer, that make for a wonderful rendezvous point.  Not to mention it's just GORGEOUS here.

Cost: CHEAP. It really depends on whether you change money on the black market or not.  You might be able to save as much as 50%.

How to get there: You can take a bus directly to Santa Fe from any city in Venezuela by heading to Cumaná or Puerto La Cruz.  You can also fly to either Cumaná(east) or Barcelona(BLA is an international airport) and go by bus from there.  Here is a teriffic road map!

If arriving by air or bus:  Notify us ahead of time by sending an and we'll do all we can to facilitate your arrival.

Are you still here? Wow, how encouraging.  Would it be too much to suggest filling out one of our contact forms to say "hi"?  Oh, and as always - happy travels!

Playa Cochaima
Zona Turistica
Santa Fé, Estado Sucre

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