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Boy, the fun you can have in Mochima Park, Venezuela!

Need a ship... these guys got 'em.  Small, fast personal watercraft for 1 or 1+1!  Go anywhere, see anything using these highly maneuverable vehicles that FLOAT.  The same technology used by Columbus' boat builders to carry his crew safely over the edge of the world can now be rented by adventurous souls such as yourself.  This is the only place such a thing is available.

Take a snorkeling trip to the nearby islands! (Ask Jose Vivas or Pepp)

Visit the gorgeos islands of Mochima Park.  Hire a local boat or go Puerto La Cruz or the town of Mochima to see something a little different.

Playa Cochaima Kayaks is run by our good friend Pepp Cebey.  Everybody, everywhere knows this guy so just call out his name and you will be on your way to a great time 1/2 way around the world from where you're supposed to be. 

I'm getting warmer already!  Anybody want to go YouTubin with me?

Here's a couple videos from the hood.

Careful, dolphins nearby.

We also arrange trips to Canaima, Los Llanos, Playa Medina and the Orinoco.  The pictures and videos below a glimps of what's available.  Interested parties can send an and we will respond with schedules and pricing.

Canaima National Park, Venezuela

Circling above Canaima.

Roraima on glass.

Canaima falls

Some things are just so perfect!

Salto Angel or Angel Falls.  Feel the spray?

PLEASE NOTE: We work to ensure all our operators promote ethical tourism. We are well aware of issues other destinations in the Caribbean face where mega-corporations hold virtual monopolies on ports-of-call and allow for very little contact between the locals and travelers.  With us, it's all the real deal.

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