Comida Criolla
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Food for hungry folks: Santa Fe, Edo. Sucre, Venezuela

Many of the restaurants in Playa Cochaima consist of little more than chairs on the sand under palm trees or a tin roof.  Fresh fruit drinks are everywhere as are freshly caught fish seasoned to your liking.

1.  The market is a point of reference for breakfast.  It's quite typical and great for those that want to interact with the locals.  Everyone goes for the empanadas (meat filled pastries) and freshly fried fish.  It has waterfront seating, though it's close enough that you can buy breakfast here and eat it in your room.  Fresh fruits, natural juices, arepas, and many more typical Venezuelan plates are on offer.  It's also well suited to arranging boat trips to the islands as the Peñeros are tied up out front.

2.  El Nautico

3.  Julio on the beach

4.  El Aleman

And you might have to dance so pay attention here.

5.  Sandro y su Pizza Genovesa con Farinata.

6.  Pollo Place

7.  Arabe

8.  Licoreria

9.  La Negra

10.  Posada Cafe Del Mar

Looks like dinner